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Sheela na gig is enjoying power

This video is a reinterpretation of Sheela's gig sculptures in northern Europe. The original sculpture shows a woman with an oversized vulva. I did this re-reading because I was interested in the diversity of interpretations that it had over time. I interpret this change in reading as a change in the freedom and awareness of each people who interpret it. Within this contemporary awareness, it is clear to mention the feminist symbol attributed to her and the openness to femme power.

Oh!. My son is me!

A being giving birth to his son, which is identical as the parent. Inspired by posessive human condition revealed on the process of wanting an extension of his body by having a child. A child tied up to cultural, religious and social heritage of their family/parents with less freedom to choose.

Birth platform

This video is inspired on micro "deaths" human experiences during their lifetime. Understanding "death" here as a process were voluntary acts of understanding a process involve a birth of new life.

Vase with fixed people

This vase with three heads inside of it represents three beings which look like the same because they are in the same recipient that holds them. As a plant will grow proportionally to the size of its vase, people will diversify proportionally to the complexity of its society.

Blinding totem

This video shows a symmetrical totem with womens showing balancing breasts. After a shake of it, smoke comes out from the center of the totem with the intention to blind the observer. Inspired by strong sexual hypnotizing propaganda of nowadays and its fundamental reach to basic senses to human nowadays. Is the best seller the more appropiate to basic feelings?


Piss shows a trans living being with big breasts and a penis and testicles. This being is urinating an unknown golden creature with a vagina. This video was inspired by diversity in pleasure of the human kind and the necessity of being open to try to understand others people feeling/pleasures/aesthetics. Is it pleasure investigated in a profund way or is it just experienced as society, church and actual moral demmands?


This is a video made in collaboration with Pablo Marcaccio. Pablo made and mastered the music of this video and I did the 3D visuals. The process of this video is purely synesthetic, based on what music was saying to me, I created a 3D scenario that has a moving unknown structure in the middle that apppears and dissapears.