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Goddy, the robot.

Electronic components, servo motor, 3D printed sculptures, latex, loudspeaker, tablet, raspberry pi, modem.

"Goddy" is an intelligent fictional product that aims to ask what a robotic guru or spiritual instructor would implicate. The installation consists of a robot, a propaganda displayed a tablet, and an local website, accesible by mobile to read the information analized by the robot. It has been exhibited at the Laniakea edition of The Wrong Bienalle in Curitiba, Brazil.

The robot moves towards recognized human faces, and talks about different topics depending on the mood of the visitor. The robot has a camera connected to a raspberry pi, which analyzes percentages of seven emotions of the face recognized: happy, sad, surprised, neutral, disgust and angry.

This live photos with its analyzed information, a 3d model of the product, and some other information is displayed in a web-page served locally.

The robot has diverse actions depending on the mood of the visitor. Among some of the actions, when surprise is recognized, it directly starts talking about history of religions. If sad, a yoga class is served by the robot. If neutral is detected, it screams loudly to get attention or it says "mum?, dad?".

Inspiration came from taking conscience that education has a void on what are the different religions and history of them. And this has strong implications, such as constant prejudice in cotidian social life, right from the begining of our education. We all know that different religions have interesting way of thinking. But what if getting to know a little part of all of them makes us less fanatics and ignorant?

On the other hand, the robot has been always a servant of the human, but what if an itelligent bot can revert this ideia and manipulate our ultimate objective, spiritual and religious way of thinking?.

Also, if goddy where popular, the need to attend a worship group would be eliminated, so that extrinsic religiosity would not exist, eliminating the religious establishment and developing new forms of social interaction.

The fact that it is an intelligent robot implies that it can, like social media, obtain information and manipulate human beings. The product in its propaganda says that its open-code makes it impossible to have second intentions on individuals.