Franco Palioff (b. 1988, Junin, Argentina) lives and works in Berlin.

Through an obscure and intense grotesque aesthetic, Franco Palioff works deal with otherworldly narratives and creatures through intricate images, objects, machines and complex installations. With a background in Nuclear Engineering, he mixes techniques of programming, artificial intelligence, robotics, painting, sculpture, drawing and 3D sculpt and design to compose absurd and convoluted imaginaries, and build robotic objects with intelligent behaviors. His practice articulates emotions perceived through artificial vision tools with robotic reactions, making objects shaped as fictional products to embrace robotic responses with game theory algorithms.

His solo exhibitions include First Hit at Erratum Gallery, Berlin (2022); Decode at Airez Gallery in Curitiba, Brazil (2019). Franco also has group shows at Mendes Wood DM in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bavan Gallery in Iran (2020 and 2021); Valuart Gallery in Paradiso, Switzerland (2021); Erratum Gallery and Open Studios Glogauair in Berlin, Germany (2022); Lona Galeria and Casa de Criadores in Sao Paulo (2018 and 2020); The Wrong exhibition in Brazil (2020); Kavro/ARTEBA (2022); Galeria Gascon in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2022).

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