HERESYATOR-2000 - 2021

The performance HERESYATOR-2000 is the presentation of a ctional product for public spaces. It consists of a 3D video advertisement and a demonstration of the built product. This product consists of a machine that scans the user's face in real-time and uses machine learning tools to determine their percentage of happiness and gender. The machine tortures the user at a rate proportional to the lack of masculinity and happiness.

During the performance, an electrocardiogram is attached to the body, and a light and a bass speaker replicates an amplifieed version of the live human pulse. The absurd parallel created simultaneously critiques how commercial software uses deep learning tools to define gender into binary classifications while also returning torture to its origins as a public spectacle, which gives people the power to protest the validity of the punishment through a live performance.

It all criticizes a standardized archetype of superficial success promoted by social media and neoliberalism, where now instead of having the obscure path to experience it, you can buy the HERESYATOR-2000 and have the raw experience of understanding yourself in a visceral way. Presented at GlogauAIR art residency performance salon, Berlin.


Memory In - 2021 - Berlin

Memory in is an installation of two independent symbiotic automatons. These two communicate with a light protocol, they communicate to have an intercourse or to have a war event. One of them has memory of what has happened in the past, while the other only starts one of those events with constant frequency and changes randomly to another frequency after a period of time. When they have an event of intercourse, they both move synchornicaly at a low frequency. When there is a war event, they move randomly with histerical lights.

The one with memory learns slow with time the frequency at which the other one tries a new event, and so it attacks a bit early than the learnt frequency, making it a non mutual symbiosis, but a symbiosis with advantage over the other one due to the presence of memory in its algorithm. Presented at Erratum gallery in collective show Modified dream.


Hanged and Addicted - 2021 - Berlin

These two independent installations are connected to a robot walking all over the gallery, the one I call empathy seeker. This little robot has a camera and is constantly looking for human faces, once he finds one, it analizes with machine learning tools, the people`s emotions, catalogued into seven different ones. If there is a critical mass of 70% happiness or neutrality in the gallery over the past 15 minutes, the installation Hanged is triggered. If there is a critial mass over 70% of sadness, surprise or anger the installation Addicted is triggered.

Hanged - 2021 - Berlin
Hanged is an installation with a 3D printed man covered with eatable gely, he`s hanged from the ceiling with a stepper motor. At first sight the scene is violent with lights and some noises from other motors on the ground. The height at which it falls from the ceiling is proportional to the percentage of happiness or neutrality of the visitors. It only falls when that level is reached. The visitor at first is controlled on a sub level of information that he does not know, but after the reading of the text of the installation, the visitor is conscious about it and the control of the violent situation is given to it.

Addicted - 2021 - Berlin
Addicted aims to define an addicted robot to violence. For that, analogy with rat experiments on cocaine, and theory on game addiction is taken. The robot is hanged from the ceiling with two stepper motors, making it able to move in the desired direction on a 2D plane. The robot has an electromagnet, a speaker and lights. It moves on a triangle shape. At the first point, it collects screws from point A on the ground, it frees them on point B as analogy of payment. From B, it goes to a 175cm height in the middle and starts to shout at visitors height. If there is a signal from empathy seeker, saying that there is a critical mass of negative emotions, it means for him that his objectives were reached, and so it can continue back to point A. Presented at Erratum gallery, Berlin, in solo show First Hit.


Today's Madonnas - 2019 - Two motors, electronic components, aluminumm, pen, servo motor, tablet.

The installation consist of a machine that draws with a black pen and a tablet showing a video of 2" duration. The machine draws for four hours each time the Vatican tweets. The image is made up of a series of 25 Madonas, and is output from a DCGAN (Deep convolutional generative adversarial networks) neural network, programmed with Tensorow (Google's articial intelligence library). This network was trained with 250 images of Madonna paintings between the 13th and 18th centuries. The installation creates an absurd by bringing an artist from centuries ago who responds to church. Technology of its time is substitued by robotics and articial intelligence. The artist travels in time and brings the perception of beauty, purism and religiosity of that time and re- designs the series to question how catholicism has built the aesthetics of the Madonnas with these images.